Yoko Yxt Optigrip 2.0 Classic Junior Skis

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Longitud: 130cm
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Skigo Touring 18/19 Bastones Esqui De Fondo
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Fischer RCS Vario Ajustable Jr Bastones de Esquí
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A wood-framed, classic, wax-free ski with a wide operating range designed for children, youths and beginners. YXT series Optigrip 2.0 skis are a complete non-wax ski offering both grip and glide capabilities. It is a great choice for recreational and touring skiers, as it is completely maintenance free and ready for use.

The optigrip coating on the base makes the maintainance of the ski simple and easy. Yoko Optigrip skis will reach normal glide and grip capability after 5 to 10 km of skiing. During this introduction period snow crystals will grind away extra surface, and the skis will be optimized for maximum performance.

Recommended length: Skiers height + approximately 10cm

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.

Sistema de Fijación Compatible:
NNN/NIS, Turnamic, SNS Classic, Prolink
Tipo de Base:
Específica de marca
Sin Cera
No incluido
Tipo de esquí:
Niños / Jóvenes
Base del esquí:
Varmpresset grafitbase. Optigrip 2.0 coating
Corte lateral del esquí:
Compatible con