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What Is Freestyle BMX?

Freestyle BMX is one of the main disciplines of BMX riding. The sport is all about creativity, originality and style with the aim to perform tricks in a variety of environments. Freestyling emerged in California in the mid-1970s when riders started to perform tricks in a similar setting to skateboarders. Freestyle BMX can be ridden competitively or just as a fun hobby.

Freestyle bikes, also called stunt BMX bikes, are characterized by their solid frames and small but durable wheels. The bikes are known for having a sturdy, robust design so that they can withstand the impacts of freestyle riding.

The Different Styles of Freestyle BMX

Over the years, freestyle BMX has expanded to include various different styles. Although these vary from one another, there are no fixed rules for them and there is substantial overlap.

Street BMX

Street BMX is for performing tricks and stunts on the streets and urban areas, just like skateboarding and skating. When street riding, you use objects like rails and curbs to grind and do stunts.

Park BMX

Park BMX usually takes place in skate parks and the goal is to execute tricks on obstacles such as ramps and rails. Park BMX can take place at a multifunctional skate park or an arena built specifically for BMX bikes.

Vert BMX

Here, the aim is to perform stunts and air tricks on a vert ramp, which is basically a big half-pipe with a vertical top section. The riders go from one side of the half-pipe to the other, aiming to gain as much air time as possible for different tricks. It has a reputation for being the most extreme and difficult style of freestyle BMX.

Trails and Dirt BMX

This type of BMX, also known as dirt jumping, takes place on a dirt track. The goal is to jump from one dirt bank to another while performing tricks in the air. When riding trails, you aim to create flow and perform advanced tricks. When riding dirt, the dirt banks will typically be higher, and the stunts riskier compared to riding trails.

Flatland BMX

In Flatland BMX, riders aim to perform tricks and spins on smooth surfaces. There are no ramps and rails, and flatland is often regarded as the most artistic of all freestyles. Many flatland riders also take part in other freestyle riding types as well.

If one of these styles sounds like they are for you, then get started by checking out our selection of Freestyle BMX Bikes.

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