Long sleeve t-shirts


Skater-look with a long sleeve t-shirt

A long sleeve t-shirt can be used all seasons of the year and can be combined with many different outfits. During summer evenings and autumn season, a long sleeve t-shirt can be very useful in keeping you warm. When winter comes, you can pull your normal t-shirt over your long sleeve t-shirt to stay warm while also getting that classic skater look. There are plenty of long sleeve t-shirts out there that will make you look great, and here at SkatePro we have a selection of them.

Long sleeve t-shirts come in many designs

Long sleeve t-shirts are made in many different designs, both with and without print. Some have long sleeves, while others only have three quarter sleeves. They usually come in either loose, slim or regular fit. The materials of long sleeve t-shirts are often made of cotton, ringspun cotton or jersey, and sometimes elastic material is added in order to provide a tighter fit.

Keep the color and print - wash inside out

If you want to keep up the quality of your long sleeve t-shirts you can turn it inside out and put it to wash at 30-40 degrees. This way the color of the inside may fade a little, but the outside of the t-shirt will stay the same, and the same goes for the print. Clothes made of 100% cotton will not shrink with normal washing, but it will in the tumble dryer. So if you think the current fit is already top notch, we suggest you use a rag for drying.