Combi Boots

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Combine the best of two worlds with a pair of combi boots

When doing both a good amount of classic cross country skiing, but at the same enjoy the skating style you will probably want a pair of boots, that can be used for both. A boot like that has a solid ankle support, which is good for skate and keeps your ankles stable when you kick. At the same time, the sole is soft as in a classic boot, so you can get up on the front foot in your diagonal run. This is more difficult in a skate boot, since they are very stiff in design.

A set of combi boots may also combine even further, and give you the opportunity to use the same boots for cross country classic, skating and even roller skiing. With a boot like this, the owner gets a big amount of value, since the boots can be used throughout the entire year.

If you want a boot like that, we recommend you take a look at the Salomon Pro Combi Boots.