(YO)2 Triple Action Crystal Yoyo

EUR 17,95


The Triple Action from (YO)2 comes with a special patented Switch technology, which enables you to adjust the yoyo to your level. This means, that you can set the yoyo according to your desired skill level and temper. The yoyo is made in a highly versatile ergonomical butterfly design.

The Switch technology enables you to choose from 3 different settings:

  1. Fixed Axle - Classical setup. Great for beginners and for learning loop the loop tricks.
  2. Auto Return - Perfect for learning to throw ''sleepers'' and learning advanced tricks. The yoyo returns automatically.
  3. Free spin - This deactivates the Switch technology and enables you to do unlimited spins for complex routines and string tricks.


  • Height: 40mm
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 70 gram


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