Bolsas - Rollerskis

Get Ready to Roll With Bags for Rollerskiing

The great thing about rollerskiing is that you are spoilt for choice for where you can practice. So, if you find yourself often traveling around to explore new environments, then it’s a good idea to get a rollerski bag. Shaped like the ski bags you are used to, only much shorter, these will securely store your rollerskis when you are going on long journeys.

For longer rollerski sessions, consider getting a rollerski backpack or belt bag. These bags are lightweight, often water-resistant, and can hold all the small essentials.

If you think the time has come to get yourself to a new pair of rollerskis, then head to our main Rollerski category to browse our selection. If you fancy treating yourself to not just skis but all the essential gear, then have a look at our Rollerski packages.

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