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Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip Esquí

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The Terrasonic Intelligrip for classic skiing combines the P190 Nano base, with the Intelligrip mohair skin, narrow sidecut and light-weight construction. The mohair skin provides effortless grip without waxing your skis. The Terrasonic ski is a cross country ski that provides responsive feel. Suitable both for slower and faster skiers. The ski has an integrated Empower chip provided with precise information for Madshus to combine the right skis together.

Premounted with NIS plate - Only for NNN bindings.

Recommended: Choose a ski that fit skiers weight + a ski length approximately 25cm higher than person length.

Lenght vs. weight guide:
180cm - 50kg - 65kg
185cm - 40kg - 55kg
185cm - 55kg - 70kg
185cm - 70kg - 85kg
190cm - 45kg - 60kg
190cm - 60kg - 75kg
190cm - 75kg - 90kg
195cm - 45kg - 60kg
195cm - 60kg - 75kg
195cm - 75kg - 90kg
200cm - 50kg - 65kg
200cm - 65kg - 80kg
200cm - 80kg - 95kg
205cm - 65kg - 80kg
205cm - 80kg - 95kg
205cm - 95kg
210cm - 65kg - 80kg
210cm - 80kg - 95kg
210cm - 95kg

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add yourboot size as a comment to your order.


Sistema de Fijación Compatible:
Tipo de esquí:
Wax free
Tipo de Base:
Peso del esquí:
Núcleo del esquí:
Base del esquí:
P190 Nano Base w/ Intelligrip®
Construcción del esquí:
3D construction
Teconología chip de esquí:
Corte lateral del esquí:


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