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TK8 Big Air Saltador

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The TK8 BIG AIR is an air-powered pogo stick with world record height potential, making it ideal for jumpers who want to do big stunts and love air time. The air system allows to adapt the pressure to the weight of the TK8 rider and to the use which he wishes to make of it. Pogo sticks can be used most places, starting with flat surfaces, hopping up and down stairs, making new tricks, higher jumps and even slides with the soul plate. The challenges are endless.


  • Air powered design for very high jumps.
  • Recommended for users from 16 years.
  • (Ideal) User weight from 60kg - 120kg.
  • User must be able to compress the pogo stick when jumping to create the most fun jumps.
  • Start with 3 bars and adjust accordingly.
  • Use the same technique for maximum effect as on a trampoline.
  • Maximum 6.5 bars.
  • Pump not included


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