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Powerslide X-Fire Classic Roller Skis

EUR 229,95
SkatePro Race Vest
SkatePro Race Vest
EUR 49,951 pieza
EUR 24,95
Diamond file
Diamond file
EUR 24,951 pieza
EUR 15,95
Binding mounting
Binding mounting
EUR 17,951 pieza
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This set of X-Fire Classic frames come prepared for both NNN or SNS bindings - With all the parts needed to connect either system. The frames them selves are made of strong 6061-series aluminum. They are 720mm (28.3'') long.

This set comes with 80mm rubber wheels and INA/FAG one-way bearings.

Suitable for users with a weight up to around 100kg

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.


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< 100kg


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