Patinete Niños Puky LR

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Puky Balance Bike
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SFR Basic Casco (XXS-S - Negro)
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Abus Coil - Candado en Cable
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Una alternativa muy buena a los patinetes clásicos. Un modelo muy ligero para comenzar en el mundo del patinete desde bien pequeño. Con este patinete el niño podrá desarrollar sus habilidades motrices y equilibrio desde 2 años de edad. Al estar sentado y con los pies en contacto con el piso y niño tiene siempre control sobre el patinete y se sentirá seguro con el mismo. El modelo en talla M cuenta con ruedas macizas de espuma, mientras que los más grandes cuentan ya con neumáticos de aire.

Un patinete bajo para facilitar el acceso al mismo. Las alturas del asiento y del manillar pueden ser ajustadas para garantizar un mayor confort. Los puñitos del manillar vienen con tapones en los extremos para mayor seguridad. La pintura del patinete cuenta con una capa polvoreada. Este modelo también cuenta con cojinetes de gran calidad en las ruedas y el manillar especiales para este tipo de producto.

Note: El modelo medio no cuenta con el freno en el manillar como en el caso del modelo largo.


  • Distancia entre las ruedas: 50cm
  • Longitud total: 73cm
  • Altura del asiento: ~ 29cm
  • Ruedas: Macizas de espuma
  • Edad recomendada: 2 +
  • Altura recomendada: A partir de 85cm


  • Distancia entre las ruedas: 59cm
  • Longitud total: 87cm
  • Altura del asiento: ~ 34cm
  • Ruedas: Pneumatic /air Wheels
  • Edad recomendada: 3 +
  • Altura recomendada: from 90cm
  • Freno en el manillar


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Excellent quality of the product and great delivery service!
Alanbek Yussupov (London)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Rafal Guzowski (Accrington)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
My 2 years old love his new balance bike :) this is third product from PUKY what we bought for him and he loves all of them .. puky is always good choice..perfect quality, reasonable price, happy kids :)
Eva Gasper (Enfield)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
quality is superb, the non lock when you twist the handle bar is actually very safe, the only down side is its quite heavy, should be lighter for a balance bike,
joseph shalabi (cork)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
Great quality and perfect for my 2 year old son who loves it.
Ben G. (Leeds)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Great little bike. The frame is strong, the wheels are nice and sturdy but its lightweight which is great. It feels like it was really well made and looking forward to teaching my little one how to go on it this summer.
Will Carwood (Dublin)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
We bought this as a Christmas present for our Grandaughter. Her sister already has one but was reluctant to pass it on ! They both love their Puky bikes. Very well made , sturdy and attractive.
Marion Brassey (Woodbridge , Suffolk)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Excellent balance bike and definitely worth the money. Puncture proof tyres, solid built but light enough for my 2 year old to handle. Love that the middle bar is so much lower than on most balance bike which means he can easily get on and off by himself without falling over or dropping the bike on the floor. Just the right height for my little boy too (saddle and handle bar are on almost lowest setting now) so should last him a good while. But most importantly he absolutely loves it. Rain or sun we're out on the bikes
K. ODonnell (Chesham)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
A great balance bike for kids to learn the basic skills to progress to riding a bike. Good weight for stability and non pop rubber tyres!
Phoebe G. (Oxford)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Bought this for my sons 2nd birthday and it's perfect! He loves it and his confidence is growing really quickly. Great bike, would recommend!
Kate B. (Torquay)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
I am really impressed with the quality of this product - now I'm looking forward to teaching my grand daughter to ride a bicycle!
Jane S. (Richmond)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Excellent bike
Rose Currens (Salisbury)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Bought this for my grandson after 8 months with the smallest Puky bike. He is only 2 and a half but after measuring his height and leg length realised this bike would be fine. We are constantly asked where we have bought his bike as it is so much better than any bike we have ever seen and other children on wooden bikes really struggle. He is superbly confident and his feet are off the ground most of the time. The bike came promptly and was a very competitive price.
Judith Watson (Sunderland)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
This Puky bike is great, my 2 year old loves it a lot. The bike arrived a few days after I ordered it, which was sooner than I had thought. I am very pleased with the service and item and would order from this site again.
Jodie P. (Bristol)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!