Frenzy Pneumatic Patinete Rueda 205

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Patinetes Frenzy
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Esta rueda neumática negra de 205mm para patinete de Frenzy se completa con rodamiento ABEC 7 y un espaciador.


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Great wheels - I replaced my standard wheels with the pneumatic ones and the ride is great. One point, I pumped these up by hand and they felt ok, but when using they were very flat. After pumping them up properly to 60psi not 11 by hand the ride was much smoother.
Steffan P. (Redhill)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
It says on the side to not pump wheel above 65psi. 65psi makes scooter really slow... Almost quicker walking.... Noticed that micro scooter brand with pneumatic tyres requires 80psi... 65psi looks like they are using pram wheels.... Only giving one star because I have to.
Louis Frew (GLASGOW)
Evaluación: 1 de 5!
Respuesta de SkatePro:  We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with wheels. It's hard to say why there is a difference for the suggested PSI when comparing Micro and Frenzy, but the reason why it should be 65 PSI on frenzy, is that this is the optimal amount pressure for this particular wheel. It's not our experience that the wheels are slow when inflated to this amount of pressure, so we would like to take a look at the wheels you have and get some more information from you, so we help find a solution. It would be really helpfull if you could send us a short video where you show the wheels rolling.
/Mads :)
I'll keep it simple. I rode the Frenzy on the stock wheels about 800m and my knees hurt. I put the pneumatic wheels on and I've been scooting 4 miles a day with no ill effects. They work, so I'm pleased.
Sanchi Gordon (London)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!