Powerslide Rutscherla II Child Patines hielo

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Child ice skates for shoes and boots. Easy to use. This model is with extra wide blade space for added stability. Ideal for first-time ice skating experience.

  • Twin blades for more balance
  • Adjustable bindings to fit different footprints
  • Anti slipping surface for shoes
  • Blades of chrome steel
  • Size-adjustable gliders


  • The buckle straps are a bit short, wich can restrict the compatibility with larger shoes.
  • This model can not be sharpened by Skatepro.
    The effect if attempted to sharpen will be minimal because both blades on one skate always have 90 degrees contact with the ice, and since you are never in a different angle a sharpare blade does not change grip.


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Good Product - promp delivery. Thank you
Elizabeth Howe (Uttoxeter)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
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