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Duotone Evo 2019 Cometa Kitesurf

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Evo is a versatile kite for both flat water and waves.

You will benefit from the design shape of the kite with easy steering, great power, and easy relaunch from the water

This kite is built for jumps, wave riding, and loops

  • For unhooked kiteboarding, you get a kite with good power for pop
  • For wave kiteboarding, it is stable and will turn greatly even when depowered
  • The Evo will loop fast and easily

You get a kite with easy steering

  • The Delta shape design makes smooth and easy steering
  • The pressure of the bar is comfortably low

Setting options

  • Hard (C) setting - direct turn setting and increased feedback. For aggressive kitesurfing
  • Medium (B) setting is the standard factory setting with the best of both worlds
  • Soft (A) setting - soft and calm reactive turn setting

Good to know

Barra del kite:
No incluido
Cuerdas del kite:
Posible añadir 4ª y 5ª cuerda
Bomba para Cometas:
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