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CCM Patines de Hielo

CCM Tacks 9040 Senior Shin Guards

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Keep those shins out of harm's way with a set of pro-level Shin Guards from CCM

With a set of Tacks 9040, Senior Shin guards you get the highest level of protection, customizability, and comfort, which will allow you to focus on performing at your highest

They have a comfortable and padded liner and are fastened with dual calf straps for a nice and easy fit.

Tech Features:

  • Symmetrical Design
    • Shaping that makes it so that there is no left or right for an easy fit
  • Molded PE Knee Cap protection
    • Carefully constructed caps help lead impact energy away from the knee joints
  • Dual Calf Straps
    • Make the protectors comfortable and are easily adjustable
  • Padded Knee Comfort Liner
    • Great fit and comfort
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