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Powerslide Vi FSK Patines Freeskate

EUR 199,95
EUR 299,95 DESCUENTO EUR 100,00
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A new type of freeskate from Powerslide. It combines the Vi shell and boot technology with the Beta aluminium frames for a comfortable skating in all urban terrains. Great balance and easy to take on & off due to the 360 metal wire lacing that secures your foot easy with a disc you rotate either way to tighten or to loosen for a perfect fit.
Also comes with a height adjustable brake for optimum braking.

A heat mouldable "MYFIT" liner ensures you a perfect fit, put it in the oven!
Click here to see a detailed description on how to mould the liner.

The Vi-FSK cuff is light, asymmetrical and supportive. The buckle is a clean and stylish fast-lock buckle with a new female buckle receptor.

The Powerslide Beta frame is made of 6061 aircraft aluminium and is based on a double voided construction. The extra ribs between the wheels increase the stiffness and help to lower the weight.

36-39 EU | 4-7 US 219mm frame
40-41 EU | 7,5-8 US 231mm frame
42-46 EU | 9-12,5 US 243mm frame


Diámetro de las ruedas:
Frame material:
Aluminio, 6000 Series
Base para las ruedas:
Bota/tipo de carcasa o shell:
Una pieza, Duro
Características del revestimiento:
Desmontable, Relleno para auto modelado
Sistema de cables
Precisión de rodamientos:
Dureza de las ruedas:
Tipos de guías:
Diámetro máximo de la rueda:
Material de la bota:
Carbón, Fibra de vidrio, Compuesto
Material de la bota interior:
Flexible, Corte V
165mm, longitudinal, Transversal


Check the size guide - 44 was 9.5, not 9 - so be careful, think SkatePro need to update their size chart. Checkout powerslide's official sizing before buying. Otherwise, skates are fantastic, real quality made and the lacing system is ingenious, takes a little longer to tighten up as the wheel turns slowly but much quicker than traditional laces. Perfectly comfortable apart from my inside ankle bone. I find it doesn't catch on the metal insert, but the edge of the black plastic of the lower boot. I can live with this if I fir the skate right, but for others it might be a killer. But consider the support you get, you might have to compromise on the comfort a little. I have and the skates are brilliant - still getting used to them, but for the price and the features, I am really happy. Anyone in the UK, took about 4 days to get here which was quite impressive for free delivery. Also thanks to SkatePro for answering my question promptly.
Peter Fiddes (Fawdon)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!