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Matter G13 8 Pack

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The wheels of the future, with the four component TR2 system and the new G13 Polyurethane.

A completely new wheel that we are introducing after nearly 2 years of testing, Matter laboratories together with the Powersldie Matter racing team is very confident that this wheel will dominate track and road racing for years to come.

G13 offer great grip, while never compromising in roll, and with great pop out of the turns.

Weight: 100mm 130 Gram
Weight: 110mm 153 Gram

Matter wheels from USA uses the Footprint scale, the F1 stands for footprint 1.

F1 - equals approx. 85A
F2 - equals approx. 84A
F3 - equals approx. 83A

Especificaciones de este modelo

ModeloDureza de las ruedasPesoDiámetro de las ruedas
100mm - F0F0130g100mm
100mm - F1F1130g100mm
100mm - F2F2130g100mm
110mm - F0F0153g110mm
110mm - F1F1153g110mm
110mm - F2F2153g110mm


Ruedas en cada paquete:
Material del núcleo:


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