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Powerslide Pleasure Tool 110 Patines en línea Guía Juego

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The Pleasure Tool frame set from Powerslide has been created in collaboration with some of the worlds top speed slalom skaters. The result is a super responsive and stiff speed skate frame that is lightweight and durable.

Combined with Powerslides torx M7 axles you get a near bulletproof setup for riding speed slalom. The Pleasure Tool is not only built for slalom, it is also a great way to get yourself ready for riding a tri-wheel setup.

Ready for as much as 3 x 110mm wheels and fully adjustable thanks to the X-slot mounting. This put together yields a skate that will help you optimise your power transfer and help eliminate any dead spots in your push.

Mounting: This speed skate frame set comes with 165mm mounting points.


Diámetro de las ruedas:
Frame material:
Aluminio, 7000 Series
Base para las ruedas:
165mm, longitudinal, Transversal
Cabeza eje:
sistema de eje sencillo, Torx, M7


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