Globe GSB Pinner Speaker Board

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A world first - The Globe Pinner Speaker Board is designed to free your ears from headphones and let's you share your passion for music with other commuters. Hook up with any type of Bluetooth® enabled mobile devices. An integrated 50mm driver and passive radiator let's you feel the bass in your feet. Made in conjunction with Boombotix®

All electronics are encased in a rugged box below the deck that is both water and impact resistant - It even has built in LED for better visibility in traffic.

Included is a USB charging cable.

Charge and use:

  • At full charge and full volume the speaker will run for 2+ hours
  • At full charge and 70% volume the speaker will run for 6+ hours
  • The speaker takes 3 hours to fully charge from flat and is compatible with any USB charger


Material de la tabla:
Arce, 7-ply
Longitud de la base:
104.8cm (41.25'')
Anchura de la base:
22.9cm (9'')
Diámetro de las ruedas:
Caraterísticas de la base:
Kicktail, Espacios para las ruedas, Pin tail
Dureza de las ruedas:
Material de las ruedas:
PU fundido
Precisión de rodamientos:
Tipo de eje:
Kingpin invertido
Talla ejes:
180mm (7'')
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